Friday, February 22, 2008

Kitchen remodeling week two

The electrician was faithful to his word. He did finish roughing in before his self-imposed deadline of 3 pm on Wednesday. It was unavoidably messy, with drywall dust and insulation all over the floor, but we now have canister lights, "cans" they call them, and the appropriate power available for planned under-cabinet lights and switches. The switches will all be under the cabinets, hidden behind the light rails, so no switchplates to interrupt the flow of the tile backsplash.

The plumber and helper also arrived Wednesday. Being very aware that they needed to leave the kitchen to turn off water and reach the attic, I politely (I hope) asked them to kick off their shoes before leaving the kitchen to avoid tracking drywall dust all over. They did take off their shoes, and then walked through the dust in their socks with much the same effect. Guess I didn't make myself clear.

My friend Cheryl, the most diplomatic person on earth, kept a box of plastic shoe covers and offered them to anyone entering her home to work. I am just bossy. Instructions from Cheryl are received like a gift. If only I could be her student.

It is difficult to remove the drywall dust from the grain of my hardwood floors which it reached by sneaking beneath the closed kitchen doors. We did turn off the heating system fans to prevent it from gathering strength in the vents. Because we have to continue walking through the kitchen to access Larry's office, the garage, the laundry, the outdoors, I have mopped the floor repeatedly each evening in an effort not for cleanliness but for dust reduction. It is not possible to mop enough.

Walter, the contractor, and I have discussed my desire to have the space "really clean" before bringing in anything new. It is obvious that when the house was built many things were built over construction debris. Since dirt finds a way, I want the space as clean as possible before cabinets or flooring come in.

Now we are waiting for the cabinets - scheduled for delivery about Wednesday next week.
Some drywall work will be done early in the week. Since I have chosen a cork floor - beautiful stuff and resilient for my back - Walter and I agree that it has to be installed last. Too much opportunity for damage. Cabinets, finish plumbing and electrical, appliances, countertops, painting, and last the floor.

We will take these few days off and move forward again on Monday.


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