Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kitchen Remodeling - Day Four

We heated up the solarium,so the cats were comfortable, but we have had a chilly night. It dropped to 22 degrees overnight and the heating system that serves the kitchen/living/dining area refused to transition to back up heat. Larry woke up to 60 degrees in the dining room for breakfast and in the low 50's upstairs in his bonus room. He woke me by bringing me my parka, "You'll need it when you go downstairs."

The heating contractor must have found out that he didn't get all the money that was left. They will be here this afternoon to investigate, although the high is expected to be 60 degrees today.

No plumber today. The low temperatures result in frozen pipes in Georgia, which burst, causing flooding, and this is a good thing for Larry. Lots of insurance claims. The plumber is tied up on a big job today so will come tomorrow.

The other surprise is that we don't have a refrigerator with an icemaker! When we replaced the refrig, we didn't get an icemaker because we didn't have a water line. Larry says the refrig won't last forever, so go ahead and run the new line. Someday we may want it.

Salvation Army came today and took away our old, faithful sectional. Hated to see it go but maybe someone else will appreciate having it. The new furniture is covered with sheets to protect it from the dust. We could almost get one of the cars in the garage now except that Home Depot came and delivered the new cooktop and double oven.

Lots of traffic here lately. So far only one of the trucks has driven over the garden in an effort to turn around.

Tonight we will dine on Greek chicken, with mashed potatoes and Mediterranean pasta and steamed broccoli. I bought it yesterday from a meals, ready to go, shop. Something special for Valentine's Day. I put Larry's candy in a "special place" and have no idea where it ended up in all this confusion. With any luck I will find it before he gets home tonight.



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