Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Wow! Great Pizza

In our ongoing quest for heart healthy meals, I decided to make pizza sauce yesterday, since everything jarred in the supermarket is full of high fructose corn syrup, fat and salt. We microwaved the final bag of last summer's Roma tomatoes from the freezer, skinned them and hung them to drip in a jelly bag, reserving the tomato water for soup. Dripping the moisture out really speeds the sauce making process.
Sauted chopped onion with the last of the frozen chopped Poblano peppers (again 2009 garden) and minced garlic. These were added to the tomato pulp with chopped fresh basil from the garden and parsley (from the market)and some dried oregano. We threw in the leftover Baby Bella mushrooms in the refrigerator and cooked it down. No salt. Some ground pepper.
Tonight we got out the Boboli crust and I read the label again. It sounded healthy when I read it quickly in the store. A more careful examination revealed that the nutrition stats were for one of SIX servings from one small crust! The "heart healthy, whole wheat" crust is great if you only eat a tiny piece of it!
We had gone this far, so we proceeded. We spread our homemade tomato paste and added chopped deli ham on top. Larry's half had the first of our new season 'Felicity' jalapena peppers on it. One taste sent me to the canister for a spoonful of sugar to kill the heat. My half had a whole can of anchovy fillets. The pizza had to be cut in half before baking to prevent migration.
A few chopped olives and some shredded Asiago cheese and into the oven.
What a treat. Yes, it did take a long time. Prep was more than 5 minutes. But so worth it since every bite was full of fresh flavors.

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