Friday, September 04, 2009

Feeding Frenzy!

We finally made time to make an early morning trip to the(not so)local PATAK Bohemia Meat Market in Austell, GA, about a 38 mile round trip. The smell alone was worth the trip and others thought so too since there was a line outside the door waiting for the door to open.

Once inside a server greets you from behind the refrigerated cases and asks for your order. She follows you all the way to the cash register, filling a basket for you along the way. We came home with ground beef, New York strip steaks, butterflied pork chops, Polish ham, Bohemia Smokie sausages, beef stew meat, beef sliced thin for Rouladen (Rolie Polies), and of course we couldn't resist the Bratwurst and a long, thin smoked sausage. I added corned beef for Cream of Rueben soup, and then we got to the cheese case. We decided on brie (Larry's favorite), smoked gouda and Greek Manouri. Larry had grabbed up a nut roll that looked similar to the family holiday specialty - Kolachke. I couldn't resist finishing with marzipan. The whole order was only $72!!

You would think that would have been enough, but here at home, just down the street, Friday morning is time for the really local Farmers Market. My previous visits had been disappointing, in the rain, hiding beneath an umbrella. Today is breezy and beautiful and all the venders were out.

After a tasting tour to get an overview, I picked up fresh-picked corn, South Carolina peaches, buttery brioche, a quart of unpasteurized buttermilk, and a Tuscan dipping blend of dried tomatoes, garlic, onion, parsley and spices. I was intrigued by a Fruit Blend Pasta (tangerine, lime, lemon, raspberry) from Pappardelle's. Natural hot pepper jelly from Pearl River Vineyards and a hot Mexican three-pepper sauce for Larry filled my bag to the brim.

So we are prepared for the weekend. No eating out required.

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