Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tuesday, Week 9

I think I can see the light now - at the end of the tunnel, I mean. Today the tile man finished grouting the backsplash, while two carpenters started at the top of the "punch list" and worked their way through it. They even suggested some things that never made the list!

The kitchen has turned out to have a Tuscan look to it, which was unintended, but I like it. Now I wonder if the table and chairs will match. If the chairs look too country, I can slip cover the backs. We wouldn't want to give up our big, sturdy oak table. But the tile has definitely given me a longing to fill the kitchen with lemons and rosemary sprigs, strands of braided garlic and big jars of olives.

Tomorrow afternoon, the flooring man will start on the cork floor, expecting to finish sometime on Thursday. The pocket doors will be challenging, but he seems unfazed. He even took the installation directions home to read - a man - took directions to read! Will wonders never cease? Leon has been doing floors for 27 years so I'm guessing that he knows what he's doing.



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