Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday, Week 6

As everyone told us we would be, we are in week 6 of the 4 to 5 week project.

There hasn't been much to blog since progress was delayed by the arrival of the "skins" and we took last Friday off to travel to Phoenix for a glorious stay at the Arizona Biltmore Resort.
kitchen cabinets installed
The skins finally arrived and after several days carpentry work, the kitchen is shaping up. Today Bud and Red are finishing the crown molding and light rail and have installed the pop-up shelf for the mixer. The bookshelf has to wait until after the countertops are in.

Dex, the granite fabricator, came to make a template on Monday. The countertop will be done next week. Dex has a lovely South African accent and perfect manners. Both carpenters have praised his skills at countertop installation having worked with him before.

Next - the drywallers will return to repair the holes in the walls from the electrical work. The countertop will be installed and the final painting will be completed. The tile backsplash will fit into this schedule somewhere, with diagonal 12" x 12" tiles finishing the wall. The electrician will return to hook up the oven and the stovetop, as well as hang the chandelier over the dining table. The plumber, I imagine, will also be involved in hooking up the gas cooktop, as well as the sink plumbing and dishwasher.

Then , the floor. The beautiful, linear, cork floor. Both Walter, the contractor, and I have been fearful about putting in the floor too soon, for fear of damaging the resilient material. I have also been worried about the leak we had in the dishwasher, hopefully fixed, since the flooring instructions warned "wet maintenance in strictly forbidden!" Larry is worried about HOW resilient the flooring will be to the table and chairs and traffic. Websites for cork flooring state that it has been in service since the late 1800's in some public buildings. I am hopeful.

So what do we think? 8 weeks? Will my brother Berny (the kitchen remodeler) and his wife arrive before we are done?



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