Saturday, March 29, 2008

End of Week 7

Thursday, the last of the drywall patches were completed and the painters finished the second coat of paint which enriched and deepened the colors.

The exciting day was Friday, when the granite countertops finally arrived. The 'Lady's Dream' granite, all the way from India, was finally installed in our new kitchen and looks great. The stone has wonderful movement and variety and the under counter lights really make it shine.

The largest piece was so heavy that three men just barely were able to lift it and carry it into the house. Dex, the fabricator, says that they "make no money on tornadoes or hurricanes, because the house may move but the granite stays put." He is also preparing a cutting board for us, made from the sink cutout.

Now I am having second thoughts about the tiles I chose for the backsplash. The 12" tiles, placed diagonally, will not fit between the counter and the shelves, so each one would be cut. The full tile would only show behind the cooktop, under the hood. The color doesn't seem perfect either. If Walter has not already ordered and/or picked up the tile, I may select a smaller, lighter tile.

Lots left to do. Carpenters have a list of details to finish. Plumber has to hook up faucet, disposal, dishwasher and gas cooktop. Electrician has a long list. Removing the wallpaper revealed holes in the wall that somehow were not filled before the painters came, so they need filling and painting. The backsplash must be installed and the cork floor is to be installed when everything else is done. So one more week, maybe two.


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