Thursday, March 09, 2006

Flower Show Judge School

Just took the test this morning. Course II National Garden Club Judges School. They gave us three hours but after 90 minutes, having reviewed, I was ready to leave. It is never a good feeling to be the first one to leave a test room. What did I miss? Did I give it enough attention? This is a feeling I have had before - in college mainly. It didn't usually turn out too well there.

This morning I felt pretty confident though. The answers really were still in my head much to my surprise. As I drove out of the parking lot I remembered the answers to those I feel certain I missed. Now there is nothing to do but wait. It will be weeks before the manila envelope arrives in the mailbox with the scores and judge's notes.

Hope the horticulture judge appreciates that my answer about defining a perennial was meant to be a joke. "A plant which, had it lived, would have returned year after year." This is the most commonly used definition that I am aware of, so surely she has heard it before.

There was a lot covered in two days. Judging broad leaved evergreens and daffodils, awarding top ribbons, setting up a Standard Flower Show, Creative Design, and color theory. Even if I do not become a judge, many of the things we learned will assist me as classification chair of the local show.

This year I may write the schedule. I have had a theme in mind for several years and would like to work it out. It is not an original theme but one that would be challenging for the designers, interesting to those who view the designs, decorative for the show hall and appropriate to our community this year. We are building a new fine arts center and I would like to have the designers interpret pieces of fine art - familiar fine art - paintings that people recognize.

It would be better to have this kind of show in an art museum, as they do in Houston, but we have a state fair building to work in, so it will have to do.